K. Dennie Kim
PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota


A Twin Cities transplant, originally from Brooklyn, NY. I worked in the Boston area for several years after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Biology. I was a strategy consultant at the Decision Resources Group, specializing in early-stage portfolio management, opportunity assessments, and global payer issues. I also worked as a project management in Surgical Services Administration at Brigham & Women's Hospital, where I worked on operating room efficiency, governance, and program development.

I am a huge NBA fan (go Pacers!) and am generally informed enough about other sports to fake it. I love cooking and many of my hobbies involve food or combating the effects of over-eating. I used to be an avid outdoor climber but recently rediscovered my fear of heights (and dying)--so, only inside now. Since 2010, my friends and I have run one marathon each year to maintain my eating habits.