K. Dennie Kim
PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota


Through my professional experiences and doctoral program, I am constantly involved in teaching and mentoring, on both sides. As a member of the Carlson School of Management, I have had opportunities to teach and engage with diverse, bright, and motivated undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. I've also been fortunate to assist and observe our world-renowned MBA and Executive MBA faculty in courses on strategy, technology entrepreneurship, music entrepreneurship, international business, negotiations, intellectual property, and ethics. Below are some highlights of my teaching experiences.

Fundamentals of Management
MGMT 3001 (Fall 2015) - Instructor

MGMT 3001 is an introductory undergraduate course in management at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Using the 'Planning-Organizing-Leading-Controlling' framework, this course covers a wide range of subjects including strategy, organizational behavior, decision-making, leadership, teamwork, and organizational change. Teaching methods include group projects, in-class exercises and activities (e.g., the marshmallow challenge), and videos.

Download the syllabus here.

Corporate Responsibility and Ethics
MGMT 1005 (Spring 2017, 2018) - Guest Lecturer

MGMT 1005 is an undergraduate business ethics course (approx. 190 students), taught by Prof. Russell Funk. I teach the session on Information, Privacy, and Marketing. I love teaching this session because, for many students, the technologies that create many ethical issues are literally in their pockets, or right in front of their eyes in the classroom. This session combines lecturing with videos, data analysis from a pre-class survey, and discussion.

Download the latest slides here.

Entrepreneurship and Music Careers
MGMT 4100; MUS 3950; MUS 5950 (Spring 2014, 2015, 2016) - Teaching Assistant

MGMT 4100 is an undergraduate/graduate entrepreneurship course, specifically targeted at music students or students interested in the music industry. I had the opportunity to work closely with Prof. Harry Sapienza as he developed the course for its inaugural session in 2014. I also provided a guest lecture for students on developing a web presence. This was a truly unique experience and exposed me to the ups and downs of designing a new, multidisciplinary course.